Running Ventures

Race Management Services

Running Ventures is available to provide consultation on race management services to events in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. As always, the emphasis is on a quality event that is fun for all. Available race management services include:

Race Timing Services

Running Ventures is available to provide both bib/spindle and chip timing for your race. Which method you choose depends on the size of your event and your budget.

Bib/spindle Timing

Bib/spindle timing is often described as the "old fashioned kind." Each participant wears a race bib with a tear off strip on the bottom that includes their race number. As runners cross the finish line volunteers pull off the tear off strips and place them on a spindle in the order that the runners finish. This information is then entered in to the race timing software. There are also volunteers at the finish line using a computerized timing device that records the times that each runner crosses the finish line by pushing a button. These times also go in to the timing software which matches the times with the finish order to produce results. It is every bit as accurate as chip timing but costs less because there is not as much equipment involved. The other main difference is you can only get "gun" times with this system. That is the time from when the gun fires to the time when a participant crosses the finish.

Chip Timing

With chip timing each participant is assigned a race number and a timing chip. The chip may be attached to the back of your bib or it may get laced into your shoe. There are timing matts at the finish line and these matts read your chip to determine your finish time. You can also put timing matts at the start line. When you do this, you are able to let participants know their "net time" as well as their gun time. "Net time" is the time from when the participant crossed the start mat to the time they crossed the finish mat. The timing matts read the chips into computers which send the data to the scoring software on another computer. This extra equipment involved plus the cost of the chips makes chip timing $2- $4 per person more expensive than bib/spindle timing. It is the preferred method for quick accurate results if you have 500 or more participants.

Custom Design Your Own Corporate Race

Setting up your own corporate 5K is a great way to get your employees involved in a fun, healthy event. Running Ventures works with you to organize, manage and time your 5K run/walk event. You determine when and where to hold the event. This can be during the workday, a weekday evening, or a weekend. Most corporate races are held on and around the company offices. You can also choose to hold the event at a local park or on a nearby trail.

Once you determine the date and location for your event, Running Ventures takes it from there. Running Ventures is available to assist with the full array of event services offered.

Setting Up Your Corporate Running/Event Program

Running Ventures will work with you to design your program and establish pricing. It starts with a no obligation initial consultation. Once the scope of your program has been determined, we will provide a firm price quote covering each aspect. Generally fees range from $200 to $500 for the complete package, depending on how involved your staff is and the number of participants in your event. Contact Nissa to set up an informational meeting.